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About Sumeet Group

Background & History

‘Sumeet Group Enterprises’ was established in the year 1992 by Mr Prabhakar Anant Salunke who wanted to contribute to the growth and evolution of the Indian Services Industry. Our journey began with a Humbler but Entrepreneurial mindset with just 2 people, and today we have emerged as a Leading Business Outsourcing Services Group providing employment to over 40,000 people across India.


Sumeet Group has presence in 18+ states with 27+ office locations serving over 1000+ clients across India.

Today ‘Sumeet Group Enterprises’ generates over INR 1000 Crore+ (USD 135 Million) in its consolidated revenues. We are now focused to lead a transformation from being Human Resources Oriented Company to a Technology Enabled Company. Our innovation driven mindset and Global Synergies are a Catalyst for this said Business Objective.

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To be the Largest and most Sophisticated Business Outsourcing Services Provider.



To provide Services that are regarded as Experiences in the life of our Customers.

Anant Sonaba Salunke

The Founder

Late Shri Anant Sonaba Salunke - 1939-2019

‘Dada’ a loving – Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

Born on 09th March 1939, at Kata Shirasgoan in Pune; lovingly called as ‘Dada’ Late Shri Anant Sonaba Salunke came from an Indigent ‘Warkari’ Family. He worked for 35 years with Swastik Rubber Industries in Pune, as a Worker until his retirement as Supervisor of Quality Control Department.

He lived throughout his life with his Principles of Compassion and Love for All. Our Founder had given Rs.5000/- (approx. 100 USD at that time) from his Pension Fund to our Chairman as seed Capital to Start ‘Sumeet Group Enterprises’ in 1992.

During his divine presence, he oversaw the Business Achievements made by 3 Generations after him, working at ‘Sumeet Group Enterprises’.